Why the Paleo Diet Makes Sense

"Eat real food: recently living plants and animals." - Paul Jaminet, PhD, The Perfect Health Diet       No matter how hard we try, we cannot out-smart millions of years of evolution. Our modern society has grown increasingly fat and sick because we are at odds, from a lifestyle and most certainly a dietary standpoint, with … Continue reading Why the Paleo Diet Makes Sense

Sunday T-Boosting Recipe: Coconut-Lime Garlic Chicken

The coconut is an amazingly versatile and wonderful food. The healthy fats found in coconut confer a wide variety of health benefits including sustained energy, raising of HDL (Good cholesterol) levels, and antiviral properties. But as I wrote about in my article "5 Foods Men Should Eat to Boost Testosterone", the coconut is also a … Continue reading Sunday T-Boosting Recipe: Coconut-Lime Garlic Chicken

Nature is Not Optional

We can never have enough nature. - Henry David Thoreau I write this post from the Northeastern United States, where we are enjoying a temporary respite from an insanely cold winter. After being couped up in the house and office for the past few weeks, living off of recycled air and artificial lighting, I took advantage … Continue reading Nature is Not Optional