Why the Paleo Diet Makes Sense

"Eat real food: recently living plants and animals." - Paul Jaminet, PhD, The Perfect Health Diet       No matter how hard we try, we cannot out-smart millions of years of evolution. Our modern society has grown increasingly fat and sick because we are at odds, from a lifestyle and most certainly a dietary standpoint, with … Continue reading Why the Paleo Diet Makes Sense

How Avoiding Grains Can Change Your Life

I used to have a lot of irritating health problems. I would catch 4 to 6 colds per year. I would get sidelined with the flu. It felt like I was always getting over something, and just when I would start to feel better, I would come down with something else. Itchy hives would break … Continue reading How Avoiding Grains Can Change Your Life

Finding the Determination to Change

"We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are." - Max DePree Have you ever felt so fed up with the way you are living that it felt like rock bottom?  Sometimes we have to reach that place to finally make the necessary changes that will bring us to where we want to … Continue reading Finding the Determination to Change

5 Ways to Increase Energy and Vitality

Fatigue. Headaches. Poor concentration. Irritability. Low energy. Low sex drive. Do you believe that any of these symptoms will help you live a vibrant, energetic, and purpose-driven life? Probably not. I'm guessing you wouldn't necessarily choose these if you were setting out to build a healthy and successful life. Yet so many of us guys … Continue reading 5 Ways to Increase Energy and Vitality