What is Vitality?

Imagine for a moment waking up in two different scenarios. In the first scenario, you are jolted out of a deep sleep by the obnoxious beeping of your alarm clock. Groggy and angry, you sluggishly make your way to the coffee maker for a caffienated energy boost. You feel overweight, out of shape, and lethargic. You pour yourself a bland bowl of cereal and toast a bagel while your depleted body is dying for sugar. You dread the thought of pushing yourself throught the day ahead. Sound appealing?

Now imagine waking up under your own power through your own internal clock. You feel well-rested, refreshed, and energized. You bounce out of bed ready to tackle the day. You don’t really have any cravings, as your blood sugar is stable and you are great at burning fat for fuel, but you are a bit hungry. So you cook up a delicious three-egg omelette with loads of fresh vegetables, and finish it off with some high protein Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. You eagerly anticipate the day ahead as you know you will be full and energized until lunchtime. Maybe for good measure you bang out 20 push-ups before you head out.

Which of those scenarios sounds better to you? Many men are living the first scenario on a daily basis, and to me this is a tragedy. We all have the ability to live out the second scenario every day. The more positive, healthy morning example represents what I call vitality.

Vitality is the feeling of total aliveness we obtain as men from living according to our true nature. It is the feeling that our bodies and minds are banging on all cylinders and operating the way they were designed to. Vitality is the antithesis to dragging yourself through life overweight, half asleep, and without purpose. You may have noticed by now that the name of this website is Refuel Vitality.

You may be asking yourself, “What the hell does Refuel Vitality mean?” Please allow me to explain…

Refuel Vitality are two simple words for today’s modern man that should serve as a daily reminder. Better yet, a daily affirmation. Simply put, it is making the right health choices (refuel) to make you feel fully alive and energized as a man (vitality). This means eating the right foods, doing the right exercises, and making the necessary lifestyle choices to… you guessed it… refuel your vitality.

I believe that it is our birthright as men to feel strong and fully energized. Yet we live in a culture that glorifies the image of the overweight, sedentary man. How often have you heard your buddies or coworkers brag about their unhealthy habits? Men in today’s society wear the unhealthy, gluttonous persona as a badge of honor, when really it should be the opposite. I’m not saying having a few beers or a slice of pizza every now and then makes you a bad person, but when it becomes the daily norm we start to lose that vital part of ourselves as men.

You must learn to rediscover and embrace the healthy and energetic person you were meant to be.

So what are your thoughts on this? Are you content living life at a less than optimal level? Or do you see the value in refueling your vitality?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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