What is Vitality?

Imagine for a moment waking up in two different scenarios. In the first scenario, you are jolted out of a deep sleep by the obnoxious beeping of your alarm clock. Groggy and angry, you sluggishly make your way to the coffee maker for a caffienated energy boost. You feel overweight, out of shape, and lethargic. … Continue reading What is Vitality?

5 Foods More Men Should Eat to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is the CEO of male sex hormones. It endows us with drive, energy, the will to take on the world, and all of the virtuous characteristics that make us men. Yet our diets are often lacking the very foods that can increase the production of testosterone. Boosting your testosterone can have myriad positive effects … Continue reading 5 Foods More Men Should Eat to Boost Testosterone

Nature is Not Optional

We can never have enough nature. -Β Henry David Thoreau I write this post from the Northeastern United States, where we are enjoying a temporary respite from an insanely cold winter. After being couped up in the house and office for the past few weeks, living off of recycled air and artificial lighting, I took advantage … Continue reading Nature is Not Optional

Being Honest with Yourself

When I was younger and struggling with weight loss, I would always tell myself that I would "start on Monday". When Monday rolled around, I would formulate a new excuse and rationalize my delay in taking action. "I didn't take my gym clothes to work today. There's no time to get them, so I'll just … Continue reading Being Honest with Yourself

5 Ways to Increase Energy and Vitality

Fatigue. Headaches. Poor concentration. Irritability. Low energy. Low sex drive. Do you believe that any of these symptoms will help you live a vibrant, energetic, and purpose-driven life? Probably not. I'm guessing you wouldn't necessarily choose these if you were setting out to build a healthy and successful life. Yet so many of us guys … Continue reading 5 Ways to Increase Energy and Vitality